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About William Albert Chapman

Prominent Canadian author and poet. He performed in the public sector, mining for gold during the latter portion of the 19th century during the era of the gold rush. He grew and was able to utilize his day job to fund the writing and publishing of his poetry anthologies. His poetry won many awards and much prestige, but he also suffered from mental illness and addiction to alcohol. Later in his life, he suffered considerably and was in and out of sanitariums between generations of drinking. Thus controversy filled much of his job and labeled him as aggressive, he believed, was the reason he was unable to fulfill his last wish to receive a Nobel prize. 

NameWilliam Albert Chapman
Date of BirthDecember 13, 1850,
Marital Status
Birth PlaceBeauceville, Canada

William Albert Chapman Before Fame

He reviewed law at Levis College, located in Quebec, and also However, halfway through his studies, his older brother Robert died suddenly. Afterward, his father forced him to turn to the line of study at university that was more commercial and industry-based. However, he was always reprimanded for daydreaming. He worked first as a clerk before enrolling in the Canadian forces during the dispute in his country. This was also the period of time when he published his first poem titled Reste toujours petit which, in English, translates to Always Stay Small, and also After his first few years out of college, he returned to university to study law at the Université Laval, but he did not complete his studies there. Instead, he entered the poem L’Algonquine (name for a group of Indigenous Canadians) in a contest and would soon after publishing that in his first collection of poems: Les Québecquoises in the year 1876. 

About Family Life

His parents were of exemplary standing in Canada: his dad a seller and his wife the daughter of a prominent lawyer. He would later marry and widow Louis Courcelles. They never had kids. 


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