“Supa Team 4” on Netflix sounds like a superhero show bursting with potential! Let’s explore it together:


Four teenage girls in a futuristic Lusaka, Zambia, stumble into their destinies as superheroes when an ex-spy recruits them for her team. Balancing school, friendship, and saving the world from wacky villains and fantastical threats? Just another day in the life of Supa Team 4! Expect:

  • Girl power: The show celebrates female empowerment and encourages viewers to embrace their inner hero.
  • African sci-fi twist: Get ready for a vibrant and unique setting that reimagines the superhero genre through a Zambian lens.
  • Humor and heart: Prepare for laugh-out-loud moments mixed with heartwarming themes of friendship, self-discovery, and protecting what matters most.


  • Pamela Nomvete as Lola: The leader with a big heart and a knack for inventing tech gadgets.
  • Kimani Arthur as Zuzu: The tech whiz with a sarcastic wit and a secret crush on Lola.
  • Nancy Sekhokoane as Phomo: The athletic powerhouse with a fierce loyalty and a love for traditional martial arts.
  • Mabel Mwaba as Bello: The shy and artistic one with the power to control plants and a blossoming confidence.


  • Creator: Malenga Mulendema, a Zambian filmmaker bringing fresh perspectives to the superhero genre.
  • Writers: A talented team of Zambian and international writers crafting engaging and relatable stories.
  • Directors: Bringing the vibrant world of Supa Team 4 to life with eye-catching visuals and dynamic action sequences.
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  • Two seasons are currently available on Netflix, each with 7 episodes packed with superhero adventures.
  • The show has been praised for its refreshing representation, humor, and positive message for young viewers.


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