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My Dearest

There are two web series called My Dearest. One is a Chinese web series that aired in July 2023, and the other is a Korean web series that is currently airing.

The Chinese web series My Dearest (是亲密的你) is a romance drama about a dentist and an illustrator who become roommates. The two of them start off as friends, but eventually fall in love. The web series has 24 episodes and is available to watch on Youku.

The Korean web series My Dearest (마이 데리스트) is a historical drama set during the Qing invasion of Joseon. It tells the story of a noble woman and a mysterious man who fall in love amidst the chaos of war. The web series has 20 episodes and is currently airing on MBC.

Here is a table comparing the two web series:

Feature My Dearest (China) My Dearest (Korea)
Genre Romance, Drama Historical, Drama
Setting Modern China Joseon
Main characters Dentist, Illustrator Noble woman, Mysterious man
Number of episodes 24 20
Streaming service Youku MBC