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Ryan Trahan

Ryan Trahan is a popular American YouTuber, entrepreneur, and social media influencer. He was born on October 7, 1998, in Texas, United States. Trahan gained significant popularity through his self-titled YouTube channel, where he creates a wide range of content including vlogs, challenges, and educational videos.

Ryan Trahan initially rose to fame on YouTube through his videos documenting his experiences as a cross country runner. His series titled "The Cross Country Adventure" gained him a considerable following. Over time, his channel expanded to cover a variety of topics, including entrepreneurship, fitness, and lifestyle.

Aside from his YouTube career, Trahan is also an entrepreneur. He co-founded the apparel company "Neptune Bottle" and the marketing agency "Established." Additionally, he has collaborated with other popular YouTubers and social media influencers on various projects.

Ryan Trahan's content often reflects his down-to-earth and relatable personality. He is known for his humor, storytelling ability, and willingness to share insights into his life and experiences.

It's important to note that my information is based on the knowledge available up until September 2021, and there may have been new developments or changes in Ryan Trahan's life since then.

YouTube Star Details

Certainly! Here are some trivia facts about Ryan Trahan:

1. YouTube Journey: Ryan Trahan started his YouTube channel in 2013 while he was in high school. Initially, he focused on creating content related to his passion for cross country running.

2. Educational Background: Trahan attended Texas A&M University and studied entrepreneurship. He often incorporates his knowledge and experiences as an entrepreneur into his videos.

3. Notable Series: One of Trahan's most popular video series is called "Becoming a Professional Runner," where he documented his journey of training to become a professional athlete in track and field.

4. Entrepreneurship Ventures: In addition to his YouTube career, Trahan has co-founded several ventures. He launched "Neptune Bottle," a reusable water bottle company, and "Established," a marketing agency.

5. Charity Initiatives: Trahan has shown his philanthropic side by organizing charity events and participating in initiatives to raise funds for causes like cancer research and hurricane relief efforts.

6. Social Media Following: Ryan Trahan has a significant following on various social media platforms. As of September 2021, he had millions of subscribers on YouTube and hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter.

7. Collabs and Influencer Engagements: Trahan has collaborated with popular YouTubers and influencers such as David Dobrik, Emma Chamberlain, and Casey Neistat on various projects and videos.

8. Personal Life: While Trahan shares aspects of his life on his YouTube channel, he generally keeps his personal life relatively private.

Remember, these trivia facts are accurate as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, and there may have been new developments or changes since then.